About us

Welcome to MyVCF a Product of DSU INFOTECH®

My-VCF APP is an easy to use app that helps business owners create vcard for their businesses. Using this app, business owners can create vcard for their businesses and include details like company name, address, phone number, email address etc. This helps business owners to represent them in a professional manner at any time anywhere.

About the company

Established in 2012, DSU INFOTECH® is a young and enterprising IT solutions Provider Company. We have a rich and diverse domain expertise in a number of areas and are therefore uniquely positioned to assist our clients to enhance their bottom-line processes and productivity.

DSU INFOTECH® is therefore a leading edge I.T. Solution firm which combines experienced senior leadership with highly talented, multi-functional professionals to deliver extraordinary value to its clients.

Mr. Dishang Shah is a passionate entrepreneur who understands the potential of the internet to help small businesses connect with their target audiences and grow their customer base. Having created his own digital ventures using know-how gained through personal experience running online marketplaces, Dishang has a clear understanding of the challenges that SMEs face in this rapidly changing digital environment. His new product, MyVCF Digital Visting card maker app aims to solve these problems by bringing a wealth of knowledge and resources to help small businesses polish their online presence and allow them to focus on what they do best: running their core business.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

01. Research & Planning 02. Development And Lunch Exprience 03. Unbiased Support 04. Launch New Update 05. Follow Same Process