Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

How Long my card & this site will be live? Your digital vcf card will be live until it's validity (Lifetime plan valid for 10 Years) and you are renewing without fail. This site will be live forever because MyVCF is a product of leading I. T. Solution Provider Dsu Infotech from Vadodara, Gujarat, India running from the last 10 years.
Can I upload any Media File is there any limitation? Yes you can upload any png or jpg image but if we found some malicious or nude content on your vcard than we will deactivate your account immediately without notice and no money will be refund. We have limited the Uplaod size to Maximum 1MB for Better server performance and high speed user experience.
Can i Upgrade or Downgrade my Plan and will get notified? Yes you can upgrade / downgrade your plan according to your requirement. you will get an Automated invoice on your Registered email id of your recent purchase.
Can I change the Vcard or Store link anytime? Yes you can change Personalized Link anytime. if another user have already taken link you are entering than it will shows already taken by another user.
Can i share My Vcard or Whatsapp store with others? Yes you can share unlimited time your Vcard & Whatsapp store by clicking share button. it will generate automated link and QR Code. you can share on any social media platform.
I will get Call or Anydesk Support? We are providing support only in Professional Plan via Anydesk or on call. In other plans you have to check our Youtube videos and follow the steps or you can connect with FREE Live chat Agent.